The Dark Crusader (Alistair Maclean)

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The Dark Crusader (Alistair Maclean)

Postby reetasharma201 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:51 am

I am new here and would like to share my review of Alistair Maclean's The Dark Crusader which I had completed few weeks ago. The story is about a spy who is on a mission to save the missing scientists some where in Australia. He along with a female companion disguise as a scientist and go to Australia where they see a job offer for scientists. They are then kidnapped and put on a ship, escaping which they land on an island where a impostor posing an archaeologist has kidnapped lots of scientists and their wives and intends to develop a missile with which he can terrorize the world.
His act is foiled by our hero, who is badly injured in the act and the female companion dies as well. The book ends in a great climax when we find out that the spy's handler is the big boss behind all this and he shoots his handler later.
A must read book though the last 30-40 pages seemed to be stretching the story, still a great classic by Alistair Maclean and a must read.
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