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Re: Fantasy Land

Postby johann » Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:03 pm

Sorry - I should have paid closer attention. My eyes tend to glaze over in long mill-related discussions. Valid point. If the school sells any degrees, it's devalued all its degrees.

And yes - mill "graduates" ALMOST ALWAYS claim to have done substantial work - by their own definition. No matter! Even if a mill-student writes a 1,000-page dissertation, he/she submits it to people totally unfit and unwilling to judge the content, quality or deficiencies thereof. The only writing a mill cares about (or bothers to read) is on the cheque. :(

I think we're in total agreement.

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Re: Fantasy Land

Postby Soapboxmom » Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:37 pm

Soapboxmom wrote:The following two posts contain all the minutes from the Red Wing meeting: ... #post20999 ... #post21000 ... /#comments
Holbrook’s employment history was also put under a microscope by the Texas newspaper.

According to the article, he was hired and fired on numerous occasions and rang up thousands of dollars in dining, lodging, and travel expenses.

In some instances, he was on the job for less than two years.
The article stated that in 1996, Holbrook was hired by the Port Authority in Red Wing, Minnesota and was subsequently fired in 1998 for questionable spending practices and falsifying his resume.

economic developer says: February 15, 2012 at 5:50 pm
In America we don’t give rumors and opinions credence when they are not factual. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that does not mean it factual. With regard to Don Hokbrook, the facts are he was wrongfully terminated by the Red Wing Port Authority under an allegation of resume fraud. He was given a public apology by that agency and they were made by the courts to admit they were wrong and paid j
Him approximately $100,000 for their false assertion.
Holbrook did not mail money into La Salle and receive a degree he turned in a thousand plus pages of online curriculum assignments including a 100 page Masters thesis and nearly 200 page doctoral dissertation to his assigned professors and it took him 4 years to do the work. The FBI issues a statement to all of the thousands of professional students telling them they had been fraudulently misled and it was no fault of the students. Holbrook immediately reported it to his employer and took the degrees off his resume. His employer told him it had no bearing on his own character or expertise and closed the issue. The other claims by the newspaper are just patently false. He has not been discharged ever for any spending or other wrong doings. He choose to not renew his contract in Lake Havasu on good terms so he could move closer to his parents. He has no disgruntled employers or failed projects, that is a fact.

The Red Wing meeting minutes conflict with that account, Holbrook:
...because of that
information Mr. Holbrook says he believed his diplomas would reflect a
completion date of 1991 for the MEA and 1994 for the Ph.D. Present university
policy would prohibit this. His degrees would reflect the actual dates of
completion....Commissioner Gorman noted that he was still using the
Ph.D, .....It is clear he did not have the degrees and it
certainly would not be current university policy for someone to use those
degrees until they have "completed their coursework",......In the February nth
letter (a week later) submitted by the same individual stated that Don Holbrook
first submitted his Master's thesis in 1991, so in the I" letter he states that it was
submitted in 1996 and the second time in 1991. He also said in that letter that
Mr. Holbrook was told in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 to resubmit
his work which is inconsislent with Paragraph 10 E of Mr. Holbrook's affidavit
which states he did not learn he had to resubmit his papers until "months after
problems with La Salle University and the change of ownership in
administration" which according to La Salle occurred in July of 1997, These
facts are also inconsistent with Paragraph 10 M of his affidavit, which states that
after he learned his degrees had not been confirmed that he corrected his
statements on his educational status. What you have is, Mr. Holbrook had been
told annually from 1991 through 1996 that he has to resubmit his work. No
degree has been conferred and yet he continually represented himself as early as
1992 to Crookston that he had an MA in international marketing and to you in
1996 that he had an MBA and Ph,D., even though he had been continually told
year after year, you need to resubmit your work. You can draw your own
conclusion from that.......Mr. Holbrook has testified that La Salle University told him that he could use
the designations,

Not hard to discern the truth there, now is it.

I also note that Holbrook says he wasn't fired for any wrongdoings. What does he call completely misrepresenting his qualifications? How, about the background check folks admitting they did no work and refunding the money. The minutes also show he thought his contract was written so only he could fire people and that they must agree to separate with him and offer him the 6 months severance package he wanted. He also sought unemployment benefits which it appears were denied. No doubt he is going to silence his critics by publishing all the court documents related to this in their entirety on Google Docs or the like. I will certainly be waiting!


Now, Holbrook has the following on his LinkedIn page:

LaSalle University
Doctorate, Economics, 4.0
1991 – 1995

Online educational course within a non-USA accredited academic university system. I wrote a Master's Thesis on the Impact of the Internet on how we Live, Work & Play in 1990, which was prior to the use of the new world wide web interface, this led to a patent application for the first site location assistance model for online site location incentive and buildings and sites searches, this system was later acquired by IEDC from Holbrook. In the graduate program I wrote a dissertation on the Site Location Model and how the local economics of all communities should be cataloged and used to attract inward investment.

I do not utilize the credentials due to the fact that the University failed to achieve US educational accreditation and then ceased operations in 1998.

Claiming he has the degrees and a 4.0 for work graded by a secretary at an unaccredited scam of a university long after admitting he hadn't even submitted some of the work takes the cake. Why in the hell would this mental midget publish this on his online resume???
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Re: Fantasy Land

Postby johann » Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:11 pm

Soapboxmom wrote:Why in the hell would this mental midget publish this on his online resume???

Answer highlighted. :)

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Re: Fantasy Land

Postby Soapboxmom » Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:23 am

LaSalle's most brilliant PhD, Don Allen Holbrook, has resorted to making thinly veiled death threats to silence critics: ... rook-4406/
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Re: Fantasy Land

Postby Rich Douglas » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:20 pm

The statement about LaSalle is still on his LinkedIn page. I don't understand it, though. He says he doesn't "utilize" the LaSalle degrees, yet he lists them. Wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

LaSalle didn't fail to achieve accreditation. LaSalle was a diploma mill. After he took his degrees, the owners of LaSalle sold to some people who tried to make a legitimate go of things (as Orion University). They failed to get accredited and shut down. But this would have had no bearing on this guy's LaSalle degrees. Degrees earned before accreditation are not "grandfathered in." Also, the Orion operation was completely different from LaSalle.

Did this guy do substantial research for the PhD? It doesn't matter. It wasn't--and isn't--available for public review. Also, a PhD from this operation was available to purchasers without doing the work, totally devaluing the credential issued. He may very well have walked on a bed of nails to get this degree. I have no idea. I only know that it doesn't matter.
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