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Postby Rich Douglas » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:40 pm

mullenara wrote:Do you have to take the GMAT before applying to MBA school? I want to apply for MBA schools to attend in January. It is now late august. Do I have to take the GMAT and then apply or how is this done. Or is it not possible to attend for january if I am not even scheduled to take the GMAT yet?

The requirement for the GMAT varies from program to program. Check with the school(s) you're interested in. Sometimes it is required. Sometimes it is required unless you meet other requirements (undergraduate grades, experience). Sometimes it is not required.

Sometimes you have to have a sufficient GMAT score to start. Sometimes you can start in a probationary status while awaiting the GMAT. Sometimes the GMAT is not required at any time.

CHECK WITH THE SCHOOL OR SCHOOLS YOU'RE INTERESTED IN. You'll get better information than you will from an internet discussion board.
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