How to find an online teaching job

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How to find an online teaching job

Postby TifsGrndma » Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:23 pm

Hi everyone - I'm new to this forum and could use some help. After 8 years of online education, which I must say was an awesome experience I am looking for an online teaching job. I received a Master's Degree in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Education in October, 2010 and have been applying for jobs as I find them. Does anyone have any ideas or hints on where or how to look. I am signed up with the California Community College Registry but don't want to stop there. I'm looking out of state too. Since I have done all of my college education online please ask questions of me so I can help others learn about how terrific an online education is and not as scary as some distance learners think. I'm looking forward to reading any responses.
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Re: How to find an online teaching job

Postby John Bear » Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:01 pm

Thing one: Most of the options will lie in the realm of adjunct faculty, part time.

Thing two: People do put together careers out of 2 or more adjunct jobs at different schools.

Thing three: There are several helpful publications for adjuncts, including Adjunct Nation:

Thing four: is searchable for adjunct positions. This morning, there were 103 advertised:

Thing five: Be careful of schools you aren't familiar with. One tactic of the bad guys is to advertise for on-line faculty, sign people up with promises of many students, never give them any, but use their names (and reputations) in their own literature.

Thing six: Good luck, in this worthy quest.
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Re: How to find an online teaching job

Postby Jonathan Whatley » Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:14 pm

There are print and electronic books available with career advice for online and other adjunct faculty. It looks like there's a wide variation in quality, from get-rich-quick to scholarly and credible. On the scholarly and credible end, look at an entire small publisher devoted to the field, Part-Time Press, "Your Product Source for Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty Excellence."
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