Over $2 Million in Scholarships for Working Parents

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Over $2 Million in Scholarships for Working Parents

Postby Eric » Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:25 pm

I usually don't bring advertisement to the discussion board.
I made exception this time. Maybe this can be of help to some of us.
It can also benefit the universities involved.

Project Working Mom ... and Dads, Too! has gathered over $2 million in full-ride scholarships for working mothers and fathers.

Purpose: Project Working Mom seeks to raise national awareness about the educational challenges facing many working parents. For instance, while 83% of single moms have high school diplomas, only 16 percent of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher. And, 35% of families in poverty are headed by single moms. Project Working Mom believes that online education is the answer to many of the challenges facing working moms and dads, both single and married, who want to further their education and lives.

A select group of online colleges and universities have teamed with eLearners.com to support Project Working Mom. The schools have committed to providing 65 full-tuition scholarships totaling up to $2 million dollars to working moms and dads to help them further their education and obtain their degrees.

You can apply to one of the scholarship sponsors for a “Project Working Mom ... and Dads, Too!” scholarship. Each scholarship sponsor will designate its own scholarship selection committee to select scholarship award recipients.

http://www.elearners.com/projectworking ... d=13301910

Participating Sponsor Schools:
Ashford University - www.ashford.edu - 10 scholarships to be awarded
Capella University - www.capella.edu - 10 scholarships to be awarded
Everest University - www.everest.edu - 10 scholarships to be awarded
Virginia College Online - www.vconline.edu - 15 scholarships to be awarded
Ashworth College - www.ashworthcollege.edu - 20 scholarships to be awarded

To be eligible to appear on The Tyra Banks Show (“Program”) as a scholarship finalist for the “Project Working Mom ... and Dads, Too!” campaign, applicants must apply via The Tyra Banks Show or eLearners.com website by March 8, 2009. All applicants' information will be forwarded to eLearners and all applicable sponsoring colleges and universities (“Schools”). eLearners and the Schools will provide The Tyra Banks Show producers with a list of finalists who; i) meet eLearners’ and the Schools’ criteria, ii) who applied via The Tyra Banks Show or eLearners.com website, and iii) applied by the March 8, 2009 deadline. Finalists who apply via The Tyra Banks Show website may be selected by ANE to appear on the Program to receive full ride scholarships to online colleges and universities sponsoring Project Working Mom...and Dads, Too!

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