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U.West Buddhist Studies Scholarships

Postby Hungry Ghost » Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:23 pm

I doubt whether this will be of interest to anyone but me, but here it is:

http://www.uwest.edu/bbs/view.php?id=ad ... ge=1&no=39

The University of the West (one of my old CA-approved favorites, now comfortably RA) is offering 50 renewable scholarships each semester for students of Buddhist studies, $4,000/semester for doctoral students, $3,000/semester for masters students, and $2,500 for bachelors students. 50 is a lot of scholarships, since this isn't a huge department. There are GPA requirements, recommendations needed and recipients must be enrolled full-time. (The school is B&M with minimal DL at this point.)

U.West is already heavily subsidized by Fo Guang Shan, with tuition that's low by private university standards: $250-$300/unit. A full-time load is 12 units (undergraduates) or 9 units (graduates). So for graduate students at least, these scholarships will exceed full-tuition.

Of course, there's the cost of housing and opportunity costs to factor in, not insignificant considerations.

It's kind of hard to justify dropping everything and doing this, but still... it's tempting. It's not every day you find an effectively-free RA graduate school.

UC Berkeley offers everyone full-ride financial stipends too, so Berkeley is effectively free as well. But... I'd stand a snowball's chance in hell of being admitted to Berkeley.
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