Any Edward Rutherfurd fans out there?

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Any Edward Rutherfurd fans out there?

Postby johann » Wed May 01, 2013 5:53 pm

I've always liked Rutherfurd's work. I started with "Sarum" in the 80s and have since read "Russka," "London" -- and just finished "New York" early this morning. It cost me a couple of nights' sleep -- oh yeah, it was that good -- and worth it! I know I'm 'way behind the times, as he wrote it quite a while ago.

I find Rutherfurd's plots and characters satisfying and I appreciate his light touch on the history lessons that fill his novels. Even when he intentionally goes a little over the top, I enjoy it -- e.g. Vorpal and Bandersnatch, two board members of an up-market New York co-op. The characters prove themselves as nonsensical as the inspiration for their names --and (I'm sure) true-to-life. :)

I understand his new novel, "Paris" was published last week - April 23rd. I won't wait so long, this time!

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