Perky Brahms from postwar Leningrad

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Perky Brahms from postwar Leningrad

Postby uncle janko » Fri May 23, 2008 8:23 am

Shows to go ya: Symphony 3 and the Double Concerto (Oistrakh and Knushevitsky, about whom no more need be said!), cond by the remarkable and effervescent Byelorussian-Volksdeutsch Karl Eliasberg, recorded just after the war. Eggstruck and Knishes play the flying bejabers out of the Double and seem to be having a blast doing it, while Eliasberg clearly is doing likewise conducting; his Brahms 3 is equally galumphless! (Odd, innit?)

Eliasberg stayed put in Leningrad during the siege and premiered Szostakowicz' Seventh Symphony, the Nazis targeted "his" concert hall, and the Soviets put extra anti-aircraft units around it, which worked. Eliasberg stayed on the air throughout the siege and managed to scrounge enough food (very Slav!) to keep most of his players from starving; he also threatened to withhold their food if they were late (very Kraut!) to rehearsal! As Richard Wilhelm translated Mencius 3a2: Das war ein Mann!

The new Russian label Vista Vera gets varying results with its remasterings; this one is pretty good. Look: if the sonics resembled a Chukchi hootenanny in a wind-tunnel, these performances would STILL be worth every kopek. GET THIS!!!VVCD 00138.
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