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The Road

Postby Brandon » Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:44 pm

I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I highly recommend this book. It is about a father and son and the journey they take across the ash covered ruins of what was once the United States. The novel never reveals what the great cataclysm was that destroyed civilization and left the Earth barren and nearly dead. It appears to have been a nuclear war, as the description of the land and the climate resemble that of a land suffering from nuclear winter. The entire area they travel through is dead. Nothing grows and, besides a single dog they encounter, there is no animal life besides that of humans. The sky is gray and filled with dust. The land is a cold desert sparsely populated by the remaining survivors, many of which have taken to cannibalism to survive. Their journey is a dangerous but necessary one, because they can not survive another winter in their present location. They leave in search of warmer lands by the ocean. Their journey is filled with suspense and tension that adds up to an excellent read. I must warn any potential reader that this novel is largely devoid of anything resembling hope. The only really pleasant thing in the novel is the love shared by the father and son, their determination to survive, as well as the sad but slightly hopeful ending.
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