Free e-Book on Jainism

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Free e-Book on Jainism

Postby Hungry Ghost » Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:12 pm

I stumbled on this at the Northern California Jain Center's website:

Jainism is kind of an obscure religion in the West (in Asia too) and sometimes it's hard to locate material on the subject beyond the world-religions survey level. But not only does Jainism have great interest in its own right, it's also very important historically because it preserves early versions of several doctrines (like karma and transmigration) that went on to shape Indian religious thought in general. It's possible to interpret some fundamental Buddhist ideas as reactions to Jain ideas as well. Jainism represents an important strand in Indian religio-philosophical culture.

I knew that the Milpitas mandir offered classes in the Jain religion for children and adults, and it seems that they have put a lot of their material online.

Western philosophers often encounter Jainism by way of its rather unusual logic and epistemology, which addressed some topics that are of contemporary interest to logicians today. There's a chapter-length account of the Theory of Multiplicity of Views.

There's a lot here.

There's a detailed discussion of the Jain religious literature and its various rescensions, along with a chapter-length treatment of karma, the Jains' fundamental ontological/ethical principle. There's also detailed expositions of rituals, worship, cosmology, meditation, ethics, traditional stories, Jain history, links and all kinds of stuff.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Jains.
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