Walston's Guide to Christian Distance Education

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Walston's Guide to Christian Distance Education

Postby John Bear » Tue May 15, 2007 8:42 pm

I've just been looking through the new 5th edition of Walston's Guide to Christian Distance Learning, the first revision in eight years. I think Rick has done a really good job. It's much larger (over 300 pages), and fun to read as well as helpful. Many stories and anecdotes. I miss the use of the word "Shame!" to comment on schools that claim ACI and other dubious accreditation. His solution now is to call such schools, "Culleges," suggesting they have been culled out of the community of legitimate schools. He writes, "The most insidious problem in distance education is not the scourge of diploma mills, as bad as that is, but rather the third-rate, sleazy but still legal schools that I call culleges." So he has, in effect, four categories: properly accredited schools, legitimate unaccredited ones, culleges, and diploma mills. Makes sense to me.

Published by Xulon Press, 2007, and sold for just over $12 at Amazon.

Disclaimer: Rick and I did the first two editions together, but I've had no involvement since 1994.
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