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Notes of a Fringe Watcher

Postby Gus Sainz » Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:31 pm

"One of the strangest books ever written about modern physics was published in 2002, and reprinted two years later. Titled Energy from the Vacuum (Cheniere Press), this monstrosity is two inches thick and weighs three pounds. Its title page lists the author as 'Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden, PhD (U.S. Army retired).'

'Dr.' Bearden is fond of putting PhD after his name. An Internet check revealed that his doctorate was given, in his own words, for 'life experience and life accomplishment.' It was purchased from a diploma mill called Trinity College and University—a British institution with no building, campus, faculty, or president, and run from a post office box in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The institution’s owner, one Albert Wainwright, calls himself the college 'registrant.'

Bearden’s central message is clear and simple. He is persuaded that it is possible to extract unlimited free energy from the vacuum of space-time. Indeed, he believes the world is on the brink of its greatest technological revolution. Forget about nuclear reactors. Vacuum energy will rescue us from global warming, eliminate poverty, and provide boundless clean energy for humanity’s glorious future. All that is needed now is for the scientific community to abandon its 'ostrich position' and allow adequate funding to Bearden and his associates.

To almost all physicists this quest for what is called 'zero-point energy' (ZPE) is as hopeless as past efforts to build perpetual motion machines. Such skepticism drives Bearden up a wall. Only monumental ignorance, he writes, could prompt such criticism."

Notes of a Fringe Watcher
‘Dr.’ Bearden’s Vacuum Energy
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