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The Virtual Religion Index

Postby Hungry Ghost » Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:09 am

This is really pretty good.

The Virtual Religion Index is one of those meta-sites that consists of links to other sites in its field of interest, in this case religion (broadly conceived).

VRI is worthy of comment because it's being actively maintained (many of metasites aren't) and because of its informative annotations.

Another strength is its wide scope. The top level categories are:

Academic Sites, American Studies Ancient Near East, Anthropology & Sociology, Art & Archaeology, Biblical Studies, Buddhist Tradition, Christian Tradition, Comparative Religion, Confessional Agencies, East Asia, Ethics & Moral Values, Greco-Roman Studies, Hindu Studies, Islamic Tradition, Judaic Studies, Philosophy & Theology, Psychology of Religion

Each of these categories is further subdivided by topic. When some of them are kind of thin, they usually direct you to a more specialized metasite on that particular topic.

While some other religion metasites provide more links, this one seems to emphasize links with significant online content: e-journals, e-books, course websites, online museums, scriptures, a photo tour of Hindu temples in India, several different religion and philosophy encyclopedias, websites devoted to particular figures, and similar things.

As they put it, "the internet promises to surpass the impact of the printing press on the study of religion. Gutenberg made possible the family Bible. The WWW puts a global library of free information on the desk of anyone with a computer & internet access."
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