Bloody Sword Islamic terror imposed on Christians

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Bloody Sword Islamic terror imposed on Christians

Postby Eric » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:06 am

Bloody Sword Islamic terror imposed on Christians
Bomb attacks, kidnapping girls, cutting heads, and burning churches. Boko Haram, revolting organizations in the world, continues to reap success and plunge Nigeria into chaos.

the world sang "What has changed", on the western side of Africa taste again Day of bitter herbs and blood. Morning killed 75 people waiting at a bus stop crowded suburbs of the capital Abuja. 160 others wounded in an inferno. Five days later came accountability, which surprised no one. That night, on the northern border of Nigeria, responsible for the attack continued to reap success. Gunmen stormed a dormitory town Tz'ibok 130 students loaded on trucks and took them to a secluded area, apparently forests Cameroon border. Nigerian army announced Wednesday that most of them free, and then returned it: it turned out that 85 of them are still in the hands of kidnappers, only 44 managed to escape. Army spokesman Chris Aocolada defended himself: "The number of the missing is not the issue now. Lives of every Nigerian and Nigerian are very expensive." Court was confused behavior even m

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