Rev. Fred Phelps dying

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Re: Rev. Fred Phelps dying

Postby johann » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:03 pm

Oregon wrote:
johann wrote:There's also the fact that David Ahenakew was a First Nations person - an Aboriginal Canadian, so your "remove the rights from white males" theory doesn't hold up on that one, either.


An Indian found innocent of any question before any court or legal entity - kinda proves my point.

Sorry. We're both wrong. Ahenakew was charged under the Criminal Code. Human Rights commissions had nothing to do with his case. Although he was acquitted, the presiding judge said Ahenakew's remarks were "revolting, disgusting, and untrue," but they did not constitute "promoting hatred." Yes - Ahenakew was acquitted of the hate charge, but I don't think it can be said he did nothing wrong. I think judge's remarks and Ahenakew's loss of his Order of Canada support my opinion. I feel he evaded criminal charges - at the price of being both censured and punished.

And interestingly, although both Zündel's Canadian criminal convictions were overturned, the Human Rights Commission did take successful action against him. For the wiki:

In Citron v. Zündel TD 1/02 (2002/01/18) the Tribunal found that the respondent had theories of secret conspiracies by Jews. The respondent posted his theories to the Internet. The Tribunal found that the tone and extreme denigration and vilification of Jews by the respondent was a violation of s. 13(1). The Tribunal ordered the respondent to cease and desist his discriminatory practices.[17]

Regardless of our deep differences, Oregon - I'm glad there are laws here against hate-speech. I agree also with Nosborne's comments that 100% freedom of speech is "pretty well hard-wired into us (Americans) from birth." And I don't have any problem with that. I understand where it - and your um, liberal gun-laws come from; It's your country, so do as you please. And we'll do likewise, thanks.


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