419? A Most Egregious-looking Nigerian-US school

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419? A Most Egregious-looking Nigerian-US school

Postby johann » Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:08 pm

"Accreditation with the famous North Central Accreditation Commission..." As it turns out, it's not the Regional Accreditor NCA we know! This school got to me! I was looking into a legit school with a somewhat similar name when Google handed me this one. I won't direct-link you, but you can go there with dubya-dubya-dubya-dot-saviorsuniversity-dot-com if you like.

It has a wikianswers page here, with the blurb about accreditation from "the famous North Central..." etc.

Where is 'Our Savior's University of America' located

Turns out the "North Central" accreditor is an unrecognized paper-thingy, here:
North Central Accreditation Commission For Universities | Welcome to our official site . That link is from the 100-page prospectus available on the school site.

It gets weirder. A little digging revealed the owner is an influential Nigerian chief named Ramon Adedoyin, who owns two accredited, legitimate schools in Nigeria. They are:

The Polytechnic Ife
Welcome to Oduduwa University

So why would someone who runs two legit schools in his own country incorporate a "school' with no recognized accreditation in corporation-friendly Delaware? Hmmm...

There's an article on Adedoyin here from the Nigerian press. http://tinyurl.com/kfgf8r3

In it, Adedoyin is asked why, although he has a Muslim name, this school is named, in Christian fashion, "Our Savior's University." His reply - it has no connection with Christianity (!) - he thought of it as "a succour." I can imagine what might happen if I opened Al Nabi (The Prophet) University and said the name had nothing to do with Islam! The indignation it deserved, certainly, and possibly a fatwa from a hard-line Iranian cleric! It would be good to find some respected imam to say for the record that it's blasphemous to do things that could be confused with Christian Piety!

The school is obviously a fake. It does not merely lack CHEA/USDoE recognized accreditation. It has a bogus, unrecognized accreditor. It is not what it pretends to be.

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