Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

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Re: Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

Postby John Bear » Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:01 am

samiam: "I feel hurt, you met me.... in Vegas..."

Why Swift Eagle, I didn't recognize your screen name.

But seriously, I guess I'm not so good at matching screen names to real names. You bought me lunch, eh?
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Re: Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

Postby Bill Huffman » Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:58 pm

samiam wrote:I feel hurt, you met me.... in Vegas...

Isn't this breaking a rule repeated frequently on TV? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? :)
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Re: Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

Postby simon » Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:38 pm

I have opened a new thread on this person here: ... d=a#p63063
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Re: Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

Postby hanso » Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:17 am

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Re: Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

Postby hanso » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:22 am

Be it "Schmidt" or "Turjakuunen":

Instead of talking waist lines, has anyone here "researched" those quoted claims and counter claims?

Vice » Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:52 am

ineralhh wrote:
Some notes from the sideline to those who are actually interested in the topic:
1. Dr. Schmidt has legitimate credentials, including a doctoral degree and a habilitation, being the prerequisite to teach at a state-approved german university. His two theses have been published using the common publishers. As far as I could find out, he however has not taught as a regular professor at a german university.
The information given above is absolutely correct. I have worked at unis outside Germany in other European countries like Poland and overseas. In Germany, there had been no jobs for highly qualified people with a Ph.D and a habilitation. Therefore, many go somewhere else. So did I.
2. Dr. Schmidt has done some publishing in magazines
Not quite correct due to incomplete research - most publications include books by publishers including the famous and highly reputed Herder Publishers in Freiburg, Ullstein in Berlin, Buske in Hamburg, etc. There are some journal articles as well - including peer journals on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

1. The self-reference "Dr. phil. Muhammad Schmidt, M..A., M.R.S. (NU/USA), Th.D. (ICW/USA)" is in violation with german laws, due to the unaccredited status of NU in Germany; this reference would need to be removed.
In my case, the relevant law applicable is the University Act in the Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia where I live. The paragraph on foreign degrees and their use in Germany states explicitly that the degrees can be used in the way they were conferred but must not be confused with degrees earned at German universities. This applies in case of unaccredited unis or those accredited but not considered not equivalent according to German standards. In the latter case, the legal requirement is to add the name of the school and the country where the degrees were earned. In case of a an accredited foreign university considered equivalent to German standards, these details would not need to be added. For US unis and colleges, German authorities follow the details of unis included on the so-called Carnegie list. I have communicated with the competent Ministry of Education in North Rhine Westphalia and they have advised me accordingly. Insofar, the information you have given above is not quite complete.
2. The magazines he published in are mostly non-peer-review-journals
Yes, some are peer, some are non-peer journals. Anything wrong with that? I never made any claims to the contrary.
3. All his current books are published via a "pay-to-play" publisher, that anyone can publish in, as long as the cheque arrives in time.
No, I am not paying for getting my things published except in two cases: when I had to publish my doctoral and habilitation theses. This is due to legal requirements. I suggest that you do a google search with key terms such as "Herder" and "Gelber Kaiser", "chinesische Medizin", and you will find that most of my works have been published for sale, and unlike in case of a doctoral/habilitation thesis published generates some income. Viademica is my current publisher which pays me the highest rates for my share in the sale of the books (50 % instead of 5 - 8 % in case of other commercial publishers).

My personal summary: Dr. Schmidt has fine academic credentials. He however didn't make the step to full professor
Correct, I never did that step in Germany because of the lacks of jobs offered. Bit I did that successfully outside Germany in Europe and elsewhere; with the exception of Poland, no habilitation was needed, the PhD was enough to meet the job qualification requirements. Habilitation requirement is only known in a few countries.
, so that he turned away from the legitimate academic landscape to the rather dubious wonders he now promotes.
No, I never turned away from the legitimate academic landscape (cf. details given above); I only started with the IFTS project in August 2004; before that, I was working full-time as a university professor; right now I am living on the income generated by my publications which is good enough to maintain a flat of 98 square meters I own and even more - all that I need for living at middle class level.
BTW, the "rather dubious wonders he promotes" must of course be IFTS that you are referring to, and you can be assured that my fellow-workers and I are working hard on improving IFTS and to give it a sound legally accredited status by the current accreditation procedure we are in (interim university charter to be granted soon) besides working on high quality programs for our students. In many countries IFTS has branches there are general problems with school branches like ours as their US religious exempt status does not have to high a reputation because of the degree mills that can be found among them. We have therefore decided to get rid of this "American heritage" and to seek accreditation on its own merits without the need to refer to the current "American heritage". However, we are grateful to our ICW partners in the US who generously have helped us over the past 5 years enabling to start the operation, giving us the chance to develop it and give it its own profile.
I am really wondering why nobody around here ever has had the idea to do a more profound research on ICW who provide IFTS with the legal cover. If IFTS was a degree mill as some people claim, then ICW should be as well as IFTS depends on them. Perhaps, you do not dare to defame them as their leadership might easily sue you for libel while you think that someone outside the US cannot. Apart from that, I am sure there is nothing illegal you will find in the case of ICW.
So, in summary, nothing is dubious, all information can be accessed publicly. If you regard something as "dubious", it is an entirely different thing - may be due to an incomplete knowledge of the real facts or some information that you cannot find (which does not necessarily mean that it does not exist).

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Re: Regarding Dr. Muhammad Schmidt and NationsUniversity

Postby Oregon » Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:41 pm

Another Schmidt attack thread - second circle of hell - he must be doing something right to piss off so many people.
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