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Postby some gobbledygook » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:57 am

Hungry Ghost wrote:Once again, I think that Trinity's failings were largely ethical, revolving around its misleading accreditation claims and around its association with MDS.

I agree. MDS had severe academic deficiencies. Trinity’s academics sounded acceptable. Bill Grover had assessed their doctoral coursework as master’s level, but that’s easily the difference between good and better programs at regionally accredited institutions. I think they employed a number of competent instructors at Trinity, but the people doing so exhibited equally shady ethical practices at both seminaries they ran.

Hungry Ghost wrote: But after all these years, I kind of find myself liking that old Trinity College and Seminary. (I haven't looked at it recently and don't know what it looks like now.) I still think that it did have some academic substance, certainly as much as a few of the doctoral programs at prestige RA accredited schools. (Anything to do with race, class or gender, anything with "feminist" in the degree title, and a great deal of literary theory.)

In a way, I’d rather study at one of the fast and loose places of yesteryear, than the politically correct indoctrination centres of today. How much does academic rigour even apply when a program focuses on what one isn’t allowed to say or think?
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