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Postby Jdobin » Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:50 am

My name's Joshua and I'm a 25 y/o husband, father and aspiring bible college student. Having gotten a late start in contrast to the conventional college student, I aspire to as expeditious a process as possible. For the past year, I've been studying at the associates level at Brookes Bible College in St. Louis, MO (an ABHE candidate institution). I was recently accepted into the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program at Criswell College (Dallas, TX/regionally accredited). However; I am concerned with how much, if any financial aid I'll be qualified for. Thus, I've been considering lower cost options in the interest of incurring as little debt as possible. I've given a great deal of consideration to Nations University (nationally/DETC accredited, $970/year tuition), but recently stumbled across Christian Leaders Institute which is unaccredited with a total tuition of only $1800 for their bachelor's program and claim to have articulation agreements with such ATS accredited seminaries as Calvin, Western, and Northern. I was just wondering if anyone had any feedback regarding CLI, their curriculum or the legitimacy of their articulation agreements?
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