I can't believe it, but...

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I can't believe it, but...

Postby johann » Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:10 pm

A few days ago, a poster on another forum asked if any other school had purchased curriculum etc. from the now-closed Clayton College of Natural Health - and offered accredited courses based on it. I wrote:

(a) About a two-line history of the Clayton debacle and the partial recovery of students' funds under a class action.
(b) That AFAIK, no accredited school had purchased material, though some schools without US-recognized accreditation, e.g. Kingdom College (Guam) had been trolling, offering "degree-completion" programs to those shut out in Clayton's demise.

To my surprise, the poster responded that (accredited) Texas Chiropractic College had linked up with not-so-accredited Kingdom re: a Ph.D. program in Natural Health.

Now, Kingdom College has taken its fair share of bullets in the fora, having a shady past and no recognized accreditation. Yet, here it is, as the poster described, claiming a link with its Ph.D. program and Texas Chiropractic. I was unable to find anything about this link at the TCC end.

http://www.kcnh.org/index.php/doctorate ... y-phd.html

Can anybody tell me - is this for real? And if so, how real? It boggles the mind... :shock:

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