Akamai joins the ASIC crowd. "Accreditation?"

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Akamai joins the ASIC crowd. "Accreditation?"

Postby johann » Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:09 pm

I note Akamai University, Hawaii, is now flying the ASIC flag - its latest form of "accreditation" with no US recognition, RA or NA. ASIC is on a CHEA Committee, and on a CHEA list of overseas accreditation bodies - but that is not recognition as a US accreditor - and Akamai is a US school.

From the ASIC website itself:

"However, it should be noted that ASIC neither confers nor validates degree-awarding powers. Applicants for distance education programmes should always satisfy themselves that the level of recognition of a relevant award is sufficient to meet their needs."

ASIC (a UK organization) has now "accredited" at least three US schools - University of Atlanta (DETC lapsed) Salt Lake Bible College (religious exemption) and now Akamai (unaccredited, State permission). Akamai posted this preamble to its mandatory statement re: no US-recognized accreditation.

"Under Hawaii law HRS446E, universities not yet accredited within the USA must publish the following disclaimer relative to its accreditation, even when highly recognized accreditation is achieved overseas. Akamai respects the State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection, in its attempt to protect the public and our potential students, and therefore Akamai shall continue to publish the disclaimer, now, even with ASIC Premier University accreditation."

Found here: http://www.akamaiuniversity.us/accreditation.html

Akamai was last in the news in this forum, when I posted a letter received from the founder on another forum. After discussion, it was determined that a group of academics, mainly from the Philippines, had gotten together to form an "accreditor" with the acronym IDEAL, which they could then use to accredit each other's schools. The "Accreditor's" chairman was the founder of Akamai and the group duly "accredited" his school. Long thread here:


Lifted from IDEAL's website (before they changed it) was this quote:

Prof. Dr. Douglass L. Capogrossi
IDEAL Chairman
Past IDEAL Vice President for Accreditation
President of Akamai University, Hawaii, USA

I notice the Akamai founder, Dr. Capogrossi, recently signed on to this forum - so no doubt my drubbing is forthcoming. I wanted to like Akamai for so long, because I had respect for its founder and his background, but these IDEAL -- ASIC events have left me permanently and totally disinterested in the school.

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