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Re: www.caluniversity.com

Postby SteveFoerster » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:15 am

nosborne48 wrote:Thinking about it...maybe what we need is an accrediting agency for all doctoral programs in every field. The accreditation review would not be discipline-specific; the concerns would be whether the school is capable of offering the facilities, supervision, and connections to the research universe to support a credible doctorate program. No DETC program (inside the U.S. anyway) would qualify and a good many for-profit R/A schools would also get the axe. But at least then we'd know that a doctor really IS a doctor.

They're called "institutional accreditors", and we have them already. It sounds more like what you wish is that DETC and ACICS would have their doctoral level scope removed altogether.
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Re: www.caluniversity.com

Postby ShotoJuku » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:24 pm

I hear that CPU is going to attempt DETC accreditation in several months, anyone thoughts?
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Re: www.caluniversity.com

Postby johann » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:37 pm

I think if CPU wants accreditation, they'll attain it. We'll see. They have about 35 years of history behind them and - I believe - offered the very first Cal-licensed (unaccredited) distance degree programs. Oh, yes -- it says so on their page:

"The University was the first California institution to be Approved under the qualitative standards mandated by the Educational Reform Act of 1977. It was the first institution approved by the State of California to offer degree programs without residency requirements. Thus, the University is the oldest State Approved Distance Learning degree granting school in California, and one of the nation’s oldest".

I'm informed that the school, established by the late Dr. N.Charles Dalton, is now headed by the founder's daughter, who holds a doctoral degree from an accredited school.

A prediction:

(1) If they apply, they will attain DETC accreditation. I see no reason why they shouldn't. DETC has accredited schools before that have done really bad stuff, right up to the day of accreditation. CPU is NOT one of these schools!

(2) There will be a hue and cry from some of the stalwarts of this beard - - I mean board, when CPU gets accredited. Those members will express their strong disapproval of NA doctorates and DETC actions in general. I will NOT be chiming in.

I wish CPU well, whether they seek DETC accreditation or not. I believe they've done a pretty good and honest job, over the years. I'd imagine the California licensing authorities, past and present, would agree. :)

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