Phd in apologetics in the UK

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Phd in apologetics in the UK

Postby junglesam » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:21 pm

I would like to possibly obtain a Phd in apologetics via distance learning as this is my area of interest and I like reading books in this area. Is this a possibility in the UK?

In the meantime I am looking for the right undergraduate course that would move me to the above-stated goal.

Here are some of the parameters/considerations in my search for the right institution.

-The tuiton fees need to total under £6000 for the entire BA or Bth program.
-The more "secular" recognition the course has the better, as I would like to have as much credibility as possible with those who aren't religious,
-The college should have an evangelical outlook.
-I would like the most direct approach to achieving my outcome (so far I have determined that this would be a BA followed immediately by a British style Phd.)
-The degree should be entirely available via distance learning.
-The higher ranked the university awarding the degree, the better. see
-It will probably be more advantageous for me financially to study in the United Kingdom then anywhere else as I should be able to get a significant grant towards my part-time studies that would actually make it cheaper for me to study in the UK then in South Africa for example. (see

I found these to tables which show the seminaries/colleges that do distance learning in the United Kingdom.

So far I thought Spurgeon's college (degree awarded by uni. of Wales) looks interesting. If anyone could comment on their curriculm and credibility that would be interesting.

More interesting for me was the curriculm at King's divinity school (degree awarded by uni. of Chester). I thought the curriculm looks interesting. I thought the reference books they recommend in their modules are interesting (I already own quite a few of them)
I did find a positive review for them here
However, the following forum threads which question the crendetials of the falcultyy have somewhat dampened my enthusiam.

Mattersey hall is another possibility. However, I couldn't find anything on the internet.
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