Trouble in MOOC-Land? (Udacity)

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Trouble in MOOC-Land? (Udacity)

Postby johann » Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:27 am

I just read a discussion on another forum, of Udacity and ACE-credit for their MOOCs.

(1) It seems that for some time now, one must have a "verification certificate" to apply for ACE credit, after writing a successful exam for a completed Udacity course. It now costs $150 /month to take the course, if you want / need the cert.

(2) Stranger than that, Udacity is now requiring (telephone) exit interviews before awarding the certificate, to verify ID, ask some questions about the course and how the student got the answers on the final, etc. Post-facto "Security Measures," I guess.

(3) Even stranger, a poster wrote that as of today, ACE had moved Udacity to their "Inactive Providers" list. :?:

So, if a person is taking a Udacity course for ACE credit -

Who knows how much it will cost, at $150 /mo.?
Who knows which, if any, Udacity courses are presently approved for ACE credit?
Who knows for how long, if some still are?

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