Nosborne, David, Hungry Ghost et. al., FOR YOUR INFORMATION

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Nosborne, David, Hungry Ghost et. al., FOR YOUR INFORMATION

Postby vinny123 » Mon May 13, 2013 4:35 pm

NOSBORNE: (quote) Speaking of "legwork", Vinney might want to look at Florida Statutes 2012 Title XXXII Chapters 490.012 and 490.014 which SPECIFICALLY forbid any person not licensed as a psychologist from using any variant of psychology or psychologist in connection with professional practice including practice as a licensed mental health counselor.[/quote]

NOSBORNE: (quote) That is one thing I wish Vinney would tell us; whether he has a doctorate and where it came from. The sense I get is that he doesn't but is tempted by the CSU Psy.D. program. I wouldn't discourage him from doing it, either, if (as always) that degree meets his current and anticipated future needs. But I'm guessing that it wouldn't. This is the second thread I've seen of his where he tries to justify using the Psy.D. without having a psychology license. I don't doubt that the various counselor licensing entities say what he says they say but the use of the terms "psychologist" and "psychology" are often restricted by statute to licensed psychologists.[/quote]

HUNGRY GHOST: (quote) I'm a little more skeptical about counselors and social workers (or any professionals for that matter) with Ph.D's in totally unrelated subjects using the rather generic suffix in their advertising. (Most Ph.D's aren't in philosophy these days.) The problem there would be the implied suggestion that the doctorate is in their professional field and that they have more training in it than they really have. It might be more defensible if the doctorate is in a closely cognate subject. (Like lots of things, it's fuzzy in practice.)

DAVID:(quote) I repeat (for the third time):

I expect there may be an informed consent disclosure requirement if you elect to use the title in a professional situation. The literature I read says that informed consent is the legal doctrine through which health care is provided in the US. Think about the effect its likely to have when you reveal to the prospective client “I ask you to call me doctor based upon a degree I earned over the internet from an unapproved psychology program. This degree neither equips me to obtain licensure nor practice as a psychologist in this state. I will treat you through the endorsement granted by my professional counselor's license based upon my masters degree in counseling not my unapproved doctorate in psychology.” Informed consent requires that the client/patient understands and appreciates relevant information so after revealing this confusing mouthful there is an ethical requirement to ensure the individual grasps what it all means. This may take some time to explain and at best the consumer is likely to be confused and at worst image the extended thumb and forefinger gesture, think 'this bozo's a loser,' and double time it out the door.[/quote]

VINNY: Gentlemen, in order to followup regarding your assertions, questions and "intimations" noted above, some of which are outright adversarial, intimating unethical motivations, the Florida Board of Psychology of Florida was contacted to determine whether a clinician licensed in Social Work or Counseling who possessed a doctorate in Psychology could legally and ethically refer to themselves as "Doctor" without being in violation with ANY Florida statutes or codes of professional conduct pertaining to misrepresenting oneself as a Psychologist in Florida and potentially misleading the public. According to this board it is legal and ethical to refer to oneself as "Dr". and was not in violation of ANY statutes as long as one clarifies the fact that they are not licensed psychologists, do not engage in the practice of Professional Psychology and practice within the profession in which they are licensed, Social Work or Mental Health Counseling.

This feedback supports the previous feedback which stated the same from the Florida Board of Social Work and Counseling as well as the New York State Board of Social Work and Counseling.

To fellow posters, this is the reason why WE all have to do our homework very carefully because if not we can be misled by some of the feedback/opinions that are presented as fact by some "posters who come across as "authorities" on subjects in which they obviously do not have expertise. Furthermore, as stated previously, ANY poster seeking ANY degree leading to licensure in any discipline should thorougly determine whether the degree meets the requirements and standards of the state in which they wish to work and if possible to obtain this feedback in writing. Just my opinion.
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