Time bomb goes off at Rutgers

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Time bomb goes off at Rutgers

Postby John Bear » Sun May 12, 2013 12:44 am

The New York Times reported today that the newly-hired Rutgers basketball coach, hired to replace the recently-fired (for homophobic ranting) coach, turns out not to have the degree he and the university claimed he had.

The university stated that the job did not require a degree. But the Times pointed out that a currently-running recruiting ad for an assistant basketball coach says that a degree is required.

Notre Dame fired is newly-hired head football coach a few years ago, in similar circumstances. It'll be interesting to see what Rutgers does.
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Re: Time bomb goes off at Rutgers

Postby vinny123 » Sun May 12, 2013 1:02 am

I read about this yesterday and noted that this coach had completed approximately 103 credits, some twenty or so credits short of the requirement for the Bachelors Degree. What is truly mindboggling is that with all the bad press Rutgers experienced regarding its previous Coaches that they would have had the good judgement to present the factual status regarding this coach's academic credentials. What else is new. This is the new world we live in where virtually anything "goes", narcissism prevails and many individuals and institutions are completely oblivious to public criticism and impervious to consequences.

Bet du jour. He will continue in his position.
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Re: Time bomb goes off at Rutgers

Postby johann » Sun May 12, 2013 4:35 pm

vinny123 wrote:Bet du jour. He will continue in his position.

I'm perfectly OK with that -- IF he's a competent coach. However, it is not very smart to lie about these things -- partly because one is so easily caught. As I see it, such lying can cast a poor reflection on a person's intelligence. I hope that is an incorrect conclusion here -- as intelligence is mandatory for grasp of strategy, etc. and hence success in coaching college or professional sports.

If this man is doing well in the job -- let him stay. Maybe make it conditional on completing his degree within a reasonable time frame. And maybe go public that this is an exception - and that the next person who busts a similar move will get less-favourable treatment. :!:

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