Business Schools Where MBAs Land Six Figures

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Business Schools Where MBAs Land Six Figures

Postby Eric » Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:02 am

Business Schools Where MBAs Land Six Figures

Forget all the self-serving rhetoric over why people get MBA degrees. It's not to learn sophisticated theories about finance or strategy. And it's not to vaguely enhance one's career opportunities.

Plain and simple, it's about making more money. So which schools deliver the six-figure jobs right out of the gate?

Newly published data shows that there are now nearly 40 business schools in the U.S. alone whose MBA graduates last year pulled down average six-figure salaries and bonuses. The top ten money makers are sometimes obvious, sometimes not, but all familiar brand names in business education, nonetheless.

Our analysis is based on data provided by the business schools to U.S. News & World Report for its recently published annual ranking of the best full-time MBA programs in the U.S. One major benefit of the U.S. News data is that it is a true average of starting salaries and bonuses for MBA grads. Almost all the schools report these numbers separately and fail to take account of the fact that all grads do not receiving signing bonuses. U.S. News includes the MBAs in a class who failed to get a signing bonus so that the number is the real average.

The results are fairly revealing for a number of reasons. All together, there are 39 business schools in the U.S. alone whose graduates make six-figure salaries and bonuses right out of the gate. And when you look back at the trend line from 2008, only MBAs at five of the 39 schools are making the same or less last year than the graduating class four years earlier.

The Top Ten Six-Figure Havens


Average 2012

Salary & Bonus

Average 2008

Salary & Bonus



Harvard Business School




Stanford GSB




MIT (Sloan)




Dartmouth (Tuck)




UPenn (Wharton)




Duke (Fuqua)




Chicago (Booth)








Michigan (Ross)




Northwestern (Kellogg)




To see all 39 schools with six-figure pay, see

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Re: Business Schools Where MBAs Land Six Figures

Postby nosborne48 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:25 pm

Interesting data. I wonder what percentage of MBA grads from these elite schools get the top paying jobs?

I also wonder whether the MBA program at, say, Stanford is really so much better than the MBA program at, say, the University of Washington that would justify the enormous difference in cost to the student and starting salary. Just going to one of the top schools will cost $150,000 in tuition. Opportunity cost is another matter altogether but I figure the total cost to the full-time student will be something north of $300,000. Well worth it IF the student nails a $150,000 job right out of school AND wasn't likely to make six figures without the degree.
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